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    NetTutor course available to all Glen Oaks enrolled students. Online tutoring.


    A scientific study of behavior is examined which leads to a greater understanding of human behavior, insight into mental processes and a better comprehension of the inconsistencies between human feelings and actions. Topics include learning, memory, the nervous system, perception, motivation, social interaction, attitudes, intelligence and abnormal behavior. 08/26/2019-12/11/2019 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 10:00AM - 11:50AM, Main Building, Room D418


    This is an introduction to general microbiology. Topics include general properties of bacteria and fungi, disinfection, sterilization, sources and means of infection, infectious diseases and immunity. This is a lecture/laboratory combination course. In the laboratory, students will prepare culture media, isolate and propagate and study morphological and physiological characteristics of both pathogens and non-pathogens. *4 credit hours/6 billed contact hours*. 01/12/2021-05/06/2021 Hybrid Tuesday, Thursday 01:00PM - 03:00PM, Gray Science Building, Room G226


    The course covers basic concepts of anatomy and physiology of plants and animals. By the end of this non-lab course students will be able to understand the language of anatomy and physiology used to describe the functions of plants and animals. It also introduces students to the role of organ systems in maintaining homeostasis in plants and animals. By the end of this course the student will also understand the common set of functional features that all living systems contain. 08/31/2021-12/14/2021 Hybrid Tuesday 01:00PM - 01:55PM, Main Building, Room F457


    A general study of the principles and processes of biology and the nature of biological investigation, with emphasis on evoluation, speciation, ecology and the diversity of life (includes taxonomy and classifications of organisms). Laboratory investigations coordinated with lecture topics. *4 credit hours/5 billed contact hours*. 08/30/2021-12/17/2021 Hybrid Monday 10:00AM - 10:55AM, Gray Science Building, Room G226 (more)...